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I didn't really think about it, but I guess I could have put up these pages with the Ernie the Elf page because all of these are from my Gatlinburg trip. But anyway, without further ado, the rest of my pages from my 2010 Christmas Gatliburg trip. :)  There are 3 pages in this post. The frist 2 make up a 2 page spread, and the other one is paired with the Ernie page.
Of course, here is the full 2 page spread view.

 The close up of the first page, and the close up of the embellishments.
The background paper is from a photo stack, in case you were wondering.
The mountain is from the Going Places Cricut cartridge. I believe I cut it out at 2 inches. It actually only cuts out the outline of it and a little tree to go with it. So I used the outline it cut out to trace to make a solid mountain and then cut it out myself.
The letters came from the Cuttin' It Up Cricut cartridge. I used 1 inch letters.

These 2 pictures are especially funny. This is as Cade's Cove, as you can see by the tag, which it jus a little strip of paper that I wrote on. The boys were goofing off and went to frolic in the field. The 'Escape' tag is a cloth embellishment. I wish I could tell you the brand, but I don't remember. I bought them forever ago at a dollar store. I have several packages of them that all have a different set of works. The 'Vacation' and 'Sight Seeing' tags are from the same package. You can see those two in the full page view. I didn't take a close up of them.
Oh, and the little deer sticker, there are 2 of them, those came from a big sheet of animal stickers that I got from Fred's for a dollar one time forever ago when I was trying to collect stickers.

This is page two that coordinates with the page above. Initially I wanted to use a yellow background, but none of my yellows were the exact match of the yellows in the sunset on the other page and so it didn't look very good. Instead I went with a darker color that matches the darker colors in the mountains and then pulled in the yellow by backing the pictures. Also, since the yellows aren't right next to the yellows in the other page, you can't tell that they aren't the same color as much.
That is a strip of ribbon across the top. And these letters and the flowers came from a chip board package. It's an off brand, probably from the dollar store, but I'm not sure because I got it for Christmas. But they were cute and colors matched, so I used them. :)

This is the last Gatlinburg page. It's from when we went ice skating at Ober Gatlinburg.
I was hoping that the background would appear to be an ice rink and the black pattern would look like the paths where everyone has skated.

These cute little silhouette ice skaters came from the Christmas Village Cricut cartridge.I cut out two and just flipped one to face the other direction. Simple as that.
The title I obviously hand wrote on white, cut out, backed on blue, and glued down. I didn't a spend a whole lot of time on this one, and it shows. But it still turned out okay I think.

This is the only other embellishment on the page. Ice skates. I used a pair of shoes cut out from the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge. Then I free handed some blades to cut out and glue on. I found some think string and poked holes to lace up the skates, then outlines it in black to help make it show up more, and vwa-lah! Cute little ice skates.

That's all from Gatlinburg, hope you liked them! Feel free to leave feedback and share any ideas that you have so maybe I can try them out on some other pages!!--

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