Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crayon Melt #3 - Yellow/Orange

Time for 3rd Crayon Melt!! The color scheme: Yellow/Orange!! I've done two crayon melts already, one was all Blue and the other was all Green. And now I've just finished my third one (because art work looks good in sets of 3)..

Also, since I needed a more solid back ground, I used a heat gun instead of a blow dryer. You just need to be extra careful with a heat gun because it could cause things to burst into flames if you hold too close and/or too still for too long. Also, if using a heat gun, point at crayons, and almost as soon as they start melting and running down the canvas, take the heat away or it will melt it too much.

Without further ado, here is my Yellow/Orange Crayon Melt canvas, and step by step pictures and instructions beneath it. :)

You'll need a canvas, crayons, hot glue gun, heat gun or hair dryer, and maybe a box cutter if you need to shorten your crayons any.

Line up your crayons in the order you want on your canvas to make sure you have enough. (if you end up taking the wrappers off, you'll end up with enough extra space for another crayon or 2)

I needed to take the wrappers off mine because 1) I used a heat gun and 2) i cut them a almost in half for a shorter crayon. 
You may find that some colors are more difficult to remove the wrappers from (orange comes off WAAY easier than yellow). Try soaking them in soapy water. Some will come off whole, and the more difficult ones will come off easier)

See how some came off whole? Kinda cool. I just kept them color coordinated so i could keep up with what each color was and put them back in the order i wanted. I took a picture of it before hand (1st pic) so i could remember.

Start Melting!!!!

Try tilting your canvas from side to side a little to help colors blend and mix together.

Melt to your hearts content, let cool and harden for a few minutes. I painted a silhouette on mine to match my Blue and Green ones.

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  1. Hey, you've done a great job, i like it much. But i just wanted to ask, with what sort of colors do you have painted the silhouette and how you did it.