Scripture Doodle Gallery

#scripturedoodle - "A creative movement of illustrating God's Word."
I was introduced to Scripture Doodles by April Knight, the artist who started the #scripturedoodle movement, while I working at Centrikid in 2012. Her church came to Centrikid and she hosted a Scripture Doodle class to tell us about how she started making Scripture Doodles and to give us some insights and ideas of how to begin doodling scripture ourselves. Her website, #scripturedoodle, has more information about What is it, How to do it, and a Gallery of artwork by her and others who have joined in the #scripturedoodle movement.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom with your favorite Bible verse as a suggestion for my next scripture doodle. It easiest to do verses that speak of something symbolic or descriptive to be turned into a visual. :)

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