Friday, April 4, 2014

My New Store! - Artspeak Canvases

Hello faithful followers (which number at about 12 I think, haha :). that's a pretty pitiful blog)

Recently I've been posting a lot of canvas paintings that I've been, well, painting. I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be posting painting on here, my blog. This blog was originally a scrapbooking and craft blog, which is why it's called Kelsey's Scraps, and so, if I ever find the time to get back to that, that's what I'll be posting.

So where will pictures/posts/updates of the canvases I paint be going? I'm glad you asked. Due to a surprisingly positive response to all my paintings from my friends and family on Facebook as well as several requests to buy one, I've decided to start selling my painting. Mainly they are Scripture Doodles, but there are a few that are general canvases as well.

My new "business" name is Artspeak Canvases, because I like to paint art that speaks, such as Scripture Doodles. :) Anyway, if you've ever seen a painting that I've posted that you just really likes and think you might like to buy one, you can check out My Store and see what sizes and prices are available to see if you might consider buying one. It has all the canvases I've posted here, as well as some new ones, and hopefully I'll continue to add more canvases.

You can find me on Facebook too, where you can 'Like' my page to sort of bookmark it. Then you can see my posts of when I have new paintings, and it also has a link to my store to make it easy to find. And of course, if you like Artspeak Canvases, don't forget to share it!!!

Here's my new logo I made. Do you like it? I've got have different sizes and shapes, of course, because some places just don't accommodate such a short and wide logo! So I had to make a square version.


  1. Oh my! Your shop is absolutely fabulous. Your crafts are amazing and really reflect your spirituality and skill. I also love the new logo. Thank you for sharing! More power to you and your store!

    Byron Washington @ Smart Business Choices

  2. Congratulations on your new business! It looks like things are starting to rise up for your career now, Kelsey. I’m really happy for you! You may think that starting with 12 followers is rough, but those could only be the first few of a thousand followers. Anyway, I’ve had a glimpse on some of your works, and they are awesome. I really like your creative style. Thanks for sharing your talent and artistic skills with us! More power to you!

    Sally Park @ ClientRetentionIncCA