Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gift for Grandad - Card Playing Lap Board

My Granddaddy used have a piece of board that he used to play solitaire on all the time. It was wide enough to rest on the arms of his recliner across his lap. Until one day they bought a new, bigger recliner, and his board wasn't wide enough to reach across anymore. So he stopped playing cards.
This past year for Christmas, my brother and I decided to make him a new board that was big enough to fit his big recliner. And since he's a big Ole Miss fan, we gave it an Ole Miss theme.

It's not the best picture, but here it is. My brother made the board, so I'm not sure exactly how he did it. He had some pieces of thin panel left over from something else he had built, so he glued 2 pieces together to made it sturdy. You can't see it in the picture because it isn't far enough away, but he used some kind of saw to round the edges, and then he sanded it. Then he brought it to me to paint.

First I primed it. Then I painted the front Navy Blue and the back Red, which you can see in the picture below. Then I found the logo and the Colonel online and printed it out big. I used carbon/graphite transfer paper to trace it one. I painted it all in white first, then went back and added the red. Then I retraced the Colonel's features onto him since I had painted over them, and I think I went back and used black paint on those details so make sure they didn't rub off.

Then I gave the board back to my brother, and he polyurethaned it, to seal it and give a nice finish.

Granddaddy loved it, and now he can play cards again. Here is a picture of him using the board.

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