Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mickey Washer Necklace

So I have a friend interning at Disney, and I have another friend (that's right, i have 2 friends) who is taking a trip to Disney. So I wanted to make them something Disney. So here it is, Disney Washer Necklaces. :)

Supplied you'll need:
2 sizes of washers. I used 1/4" and 7/16"

 Hole punches that fit the size of your washers. For me, I needed 7/8" and 1/2" for the big washers. And I needed 5/8" and 5/16" for the small washers.

Modpodge and brush, jewelry wire, and string to make it a necklace. And also, not pictured, paper.

Step 1: Choose your paper, patterned/solid, its up to you. Punch the smaller punch first for the center of the washer, then center than in the bigger punch (hold it upside down so you can see). For these sizes, I actually had to go back and trim a tiny amount off the edge of the smaller washer size because i wanted to see the silver of the washer as a border.

Step2: Glue the paper rings onto the washers. You can use modpodge or whatever glue you want for this part.

Step 3: Put a layer of modpodge over the washers, let dry. If you look at the picture under step 4, you might be able to tell, I had an old Cricut mat that wasn't sticky enough for paper anymore, so I used it to put the washers on to help keep them from moving while I modpodge them, that way I didn't have to hold them and get modpodge all over my fingers.

Step 4: Glue the "ears" onto the big washer so that they will stay in place. Make sure there is enough spave between them for the necklace string.

Step 5: Wrap the wire to secure the washers into place. try to get it as tight as possible.

Step 6: Add the string for the necklaces, and you're done.