Friday, January 21, 2011

Ernie the Elf!!

Right before Christmas, my friends and I took a trip to Gatlinburg. Needless to say, Gatlinburg is extremely beautiful, and even more so at Christmas time with all the lights up all over the city.
We rented a chalet, or cabin. This page that I'm posting here has a funny story behind it. I'll share the story, but if you don't want to hear it, you can skip on down to the pictures and 'how to's' of this page.

So, to try to keep this from getting too long, I'll shorten the first part of the story. 3 smoke alarms. They wouldn't stop chirping at a deafening noise level. We couldn't get them to stop even after taking out the batteries. So we had to call the guy that owned the cabin. After figuring out what to do, he then asks, "Is Ernie still there?" We have no idea who the heck Ernie is. The guys says he's supposed to be sitting on the post at the bottom of the stair. Ernie isn't there. But after looking around, we found him behind the Christmas Tree and we put him back on his spot on the post. The owner said that Ernie was like the Christmas time mascot of the cabin. Well, later, we were eating dinner, and Ernie was sitting very creepily on the stair post staring at us. We got to talking, and wondered how in the world did the owner know that Ernie wasn't where he was supposed to be? That's when we decided that Ernie must have a spy camera hidden inside him so that the owner could make sure we weren't tearing up the cabin. After that, Ernie got moved around the cabin in about 10 different spots to keep him from spying on us. But that just made it more creepy because no one knew when someone moved him, and all of sudden he'd missing, and then we'd see him pop up somewhere else. And if you look at the picture, you gotta admit he kind of has a creepy smile. But we had a lot of fun playing around with Ernie and letting him creep us out a little. It was a good game for the weekend. And a lot of our jokes revolved around Ernie. So Ernie the Elf became our own little mascot of our weekend in Gatlinburg. Therefore, I have a devoted a page specifically to Ernie the Elf.. sorry if that story was too long. And i promise it was funny, you just mighta had to been there. Lol. :)
Ok, so know that you know the background, here is the page devoted to Ernie the Elf.
This is the whole page. I found cute elf paper to match, even though afterwards I realized I almost covered up all the elves with the pictures. I probably could have made the layout better so you could see the elves. But I chose pictures to highlights the funniest things that happened with Ernie... and yes, in the bottom right corner, they did hang Ernie from the loft with sheets....

My only embellishment for this page was the title and Ernie. I got a Cricut for Christmas (YAY!!) so now my home made embellishments are a bit nicer. I used the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge and used the Elf character. I cut out the shirt and hat in white so that I could add the right color stripes to match the real Ernie. Then I glued him together and popped him up with some foam pieces to add a little dimension to the page.

The title was also made using the Cricut. I used the Cuttin' Up cartidge. I thought the letters were really cute and fun. So I cut 'em out, or let the Cricut cut them lol, and glued 'em on to green, and then backed that on white to kind of make it pop a little so it didn't blend in too much.

Oh, and I used a yellow-gold-ish color for my tags to add a little more color to the page.

It was really simple and easy. A no brainer really. Hope you like it, I personally thought it turned out pretty good. :)

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