Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Save Money!!

Hey guys! I know everyone likes to save money, and I have a great way of how you can!
I know this will probably sound like a scam but I promise it's not. I learned of this from a reliable source who has been using it for a few years. Now I'm using it, and I'm getting money back, and I'm not getting spam or scammed or anything. And now my brother is using it too. I promise it's safe.

I guess you're wondering what in the world I'm talking about. I'm talking about online shopping, and getting a percentage of money back every time you spend. How? eBates, my friend. eBates. It's related to eBay. So if you trust eBay, then you can trust eBates.

Here's how to use it.
Step 1: Go to the eBates website and log in.
Step 2: Look up the store that you want to buy from.
Step 3: Make sure to enter the store website from the link on the eBates website.(It will direct you through a special link so that when you make your purchase you get a percentage of money back.) This step is extremely important.
Step 4: Shop on that site, buy what you want. eBates will register that you've made a purchase, and depending on the store, you will get a certain percentage credited to your eBates account.
Step 5: After the end of each period, eBates will send you a check in the mail with the money you got back from purchasing online using eBates.

It's easy. It's free. You get money. You can't get any better than that. Right?
So if you wanna try it, click HERE. That link will take you to eBates so that you can sign up and get started.
If you don't believe that it's safe or real, do some research and make a decision for yourself.
You don't have to give them any credit card info or anything like that.

This is a great way to save money, especially at Christmas time, or when you're buying school text books online, or if you just do a lot of online shopping for anything. I buy a lot of materials for scrapbooking off eBay, and I can get money back from those purchases with eBates.

So, click that link, and go save some money. Happy shopping. Happy saving.

Have a great week!
Kelsey S. --

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