Friday, January 20, 2012

Southern Cupcake Meal

I've seen numerous cupcakes of all sizes and colors, and many different themed cupcakes. But this has to be the most unique cupcakes I've ever seen. And they look so REALISTIC! It's crazy.

Anyway, to get to the point. My grandmother is having her 80th birthday, and so her kids are throwing her a party. The theme is "Still Cooking at 80" or something like that. The reason being because literally, Meemaw is ALWAYS cooking. And every Sunday, all of my family that lives in town get together for lunch that Meemaw cooks. There are very few Sundays that her children, either individually or as a group effort, prepare lunch to give her a break.  She enjoys cooking, and like all grandmothers, she can really whip a good, mouth-watering meal. The impressive part is that she's learned to cook enough to feed a small army without fail every Sunday and never coming up short on food.... you would realize how impressive that is if you have seen the size of some of our boys.

So, in conjunction with the theme of the party, my sister and my cousin, Brittany and Olevia, has made cupcakes. I cannot take credit for making these cup cakes, I didn't even help in the slightest, except to identify what they looked like so that they knew they were doing a good job on them.

Here are the pictures.
 Chicken Legs

 Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
 Corn on the Cob

 Pies - Blueberry and Cherry
Green Peas and Carrots 

And then a couple that aren't food, but that are still really cute.

Aren't they just sooo cute!! and Yummy looking???

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