Sunday, February 19, 2012

Interactive 'To Do' List

I don't know about you, but 'To Do' lists never work for me because I always forget to look at them. They're just so boring and long and seem so demanding. Sure it's nice to get to scratch one off once it's been completed, but that doesn't satisfy me for very long when I see the long list still waiting.

I was on Pinterest and saw something called a Rotating Goals List. I really liked the idea, so I took it and gave it a little twist. This is my interactive 'To Do' list. It's a little bit less drab than just a plain old list. Sure I could have done a lot nicer job on it, maybe even used my cricut, but all I used was a large sketch pad and sharpie's.

The interactive part is obviously the sticky notes. Once a task is complete, you get to rip it off, ball it up, and throw it away! Also, when you're putting the task up there, you can write it in pretty colors or cute fonts, and then it doesn't look so horrible. Also, I plan on getting different colored sticky notes to add a little something extra as well. I'm thinking about coming up with a color system to where each color represents it's importance, not including how time sensitive it is.

I divided mine into 3 sections. Let's take a closer look.

My first section is called 'Sooner Rather Than Later.' Obviously this section is self-explanatory. It's things that are time-sensitive and that I need to get done asap. Yes, there are only 3 squares. I might have more than 3 things to do asap. But the way I look at it, if I only have to look at 3 at a time, then I won't get overwhelmed by all that I have to do. To see what I have to next, then I have to complete one task that it already up there. Once I take it down, I can add another one and decide which of the 3 needs to be done first.

The second is called, 'Okay, you can procrastinate just a little.' These are tasks that don't have to be done right away, but things that I don't need to forget about. Once I've procrastinated long enough on a task, I can move it up to the 'Sooner Rather Than Later' category. Of course, if all 3 of those slots are filled, then I'll have to complete something so that I can add something else to it. You know, forcing myself to get things done.

And the last is called, 'Don't Forget To Have FUN.'
All of these tasks are just fun little projects or such that I want to do. Obviously if I don't get to them soon, that's okay. But sometimes I get busy and don't have time to do the fun things I want to do, and then I end up forgetting what it was I want to do. So these are really just reminders of projects I want to try.

Anyway, so there is my Interactive 'To Do' board. You can make your own version to suit your own needs. Add more than 3 per category if you need to. Hope you can use this idea!!

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