Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Christmas Cards - Part 2

So I made a few more cards and I just wanted to show them to you. So here they are. And if you haven't seen the other ones yet, you should go look at them. There is a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a present. Here are the bells, the ginger bread man, and the penguin.

The inside of the bells card got a little messed up. I wasn't thinking and I wrote on the front in permanent marker, which bled through. However, I took the picture so that you can't see it. The purple that you see is from stamps that I did use on the inside. So just a cautious reminder, be careful with permanent markers. lol.

You can't see them in this picture, but there are watermarked snowflakes in the background, so in reality doesn't look quite so plain.
Hope you like them!!


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  3. Love the gingerbread card. Very unique!

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  4. Hand made cards are always so much more fun than store bought! Thanks for sharing!