Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snail + Turkey = Snurkey!

Have you ever heard of a Snurkey?? I'm going to assume not since I made it up. Lol. Well, a Snurkey is a mix between a snail and turkey. Now how in the world did I ever come up with that you might ask. Well, to make a long story short, I was talking with my friend Kenny, and he asked me a question about how I had hurt my ankle. So I started making up this ridiculous story about being in the woods. (He obviously knew I was kidding.) And in the woods I was hunting this rare animal that no one had ever seen before. I came up with an entire description of it on the spot, it's life style, what it ate, looked like, how fast it was (extremely fast), where it lived. All sorts of stuff. It was crazy.
Any way, he wanted me to "catch" him one. So.... having nothing better to do with my time, I made a couple of Snurkey's that I "caught" and showed them to Kenny. He loved them!!

Any way, they turned out pretty cute, so I thought I would share them with you.
Also, I am entering this post in the second challenge of the month over at Paper Trail Makers Challenge Blog. This challenge is to use card board. Which, the cage for my Snurkey's is made of cardboard. I hope this qualifies.

Now I don't really expect anyone to want to make their own Snurkey. But just incase you do, or ncase you're wondering how I made mine, I'll tell you real quick.
1. The Snail shell is regular typing paper that I used marker and color pencil to color. Take a piece of paper, fold it in half, draw a circle the size of the shell you want. Move the fold down so that there is about a 1/2 inch of blank paper below the bottom of your circle. Cut it out. You should have two circles connected by an 1/2 inch strip in the middle.
2. Ball up little pieces of paper to stuff the shell. I used scotch tape to tape the shell closed along the edges. You could use glue or staples as well. Or use thread and needle to "sew" it shut.
3. Using a jumbo wooden Popsicle craft stick, slip it in the bottom of the paper shell. This helps it to stand up straight... I actually had to use 3 to make it heavy enough to weigh the bottom down. So if you have something heavier, use that. Make sure it is long enough to stick out past the shell because you have to attach the head.
4. Use colorful craft feathers to add the tail... I used hot glue.
5. For the head, I found two old pair of work gloves, cut off the thumbs, stuffed them with a piece of popsicle stick cut to the right length, and little bits of paper paper, and hot glued them to the remaining popsicle stick that is still showing. Stuff it good so that it is stiff enough to stand up straight.
6. Use googly eyes for the eyes. Pipe cleaner and tiny pompom balls for the antennas, and pipe cleaner for the gobbler.

The cage it made of card board with one side cut out and covered with plastic wrap. And the 2 short sides I used a box cutter to make it look like bars. Green tissue paper inside for "grass," and i aslo threw in a couple sticks and leaves.
This is the easiest pet you'll ever have to take care of. Though a pet rock is just as easy and even easier to acquire. But these are much ore fun and unique.

--Kelsey S.

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  1. This is too funny!!! Thanks for sharing with us over at TrailMakers!!