Friday, October 14, 2011

Napkin Rings

So, my brother is getting married tomorrow!! Crazy! It doesn't even seem real yet. BUT... tonight was the rehearsal dinner. And my mom made a really pretty table set up for everything. It looked really nice.
And I got to contribute my own little something to the tables, napkin rings!! Here's how!

First choose the paper that you want to use for the band. I cut mine to 6" long. If you have a very big napkin or are planning to put the silver ware in them, then you might need to make the band bigger.
I used a paper cutter to make the edges straight. And they are just barely over 1" wide. Again, if you have a bigger napkin, then you might need to make them wider or longer.

 Then, you need to roll or fold one of your napkins, with silverware if you'll be using it. Take one of your bands and wrap it as tightly or loosely as you want it INSIDE OUT so that you can mark how far you need to to roll it.
 Then use that band to mark all of the others if you want so that they are all the same size. If the back of your paper has words, you might want to make sure that they are on the side of your line that will cover it up when you roll it and glue it. Like below.
 Then you need to glue it and roll it so that you have your rings. I started out using Rubber Cement, but it's pretty messy, and it didn't dry fast enough, so I was having to sit there and hold it until it dried. Since I was making 45 of these, that was taking too long, so I switched to my glue pen, which was much faster and a whole lot less messy.

 This is step one, so go ahead and glue all your rings first. Here are all my 44 rings.
 Next it's time to make your embellishment to dress up the ring a little bit.
I used my Cricut and cut out the purple heart from the Wedding/Marriage cartridge. I just cut out the same one for all 45 rings. If I were doing fewer or if I had more time to make them, I would have chosen several different images to use just to add some variety. But I was in a rush on time so it was easiest to just do them all the same....
I also used my Gypsy, so that I could move them closer to each other and not have to waste paper. Then I glued each one onto white paper and cut it out. Then I glued the square to the ring.

Make sure that you put the image on the seam so that you cover it up. :)
Here is the finished project. I hope you like it. There is also a picture of the finished product at the rehearsal dinner so you can see how it looks even in a more fancy setting. I wasn't sure how a paper napkin ring would look for a semi-formal dinner, but it actually looked pretty good I think.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think!!

--Kelsey S.

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