Monday, November 22, 2010

Mouthwatering Challenge

I entered a Mouthwatering Challenge for The (paper) Trail Makers Challenge Blog. All you have to do is submit any project that is paper related that has anything to do with food, recipes or anything like that. You should go check it out to participate!! And spread the word because we need 7 more participants.
This past summer a group of friends and I went to Chicago where we made sure to try some Chicago Style Pizza. After all, what kind of trip to Chicago would it be if you didn't have some Chicago Style pizza???

So after we got back, I scrap booked my trip, and I dedicated a page to Chicago Style Pizza. So here it is. :)
(Click for a larger view)

This is a 2 page spread. I made the pizza at the bottom and it was really pretty easy to make. 
First I had to find a big plate or platter or something that was the right size I wanted to my pizza. I used gray paper to make the pan. The gray strip is only about an inch wide, because i didn't want to waste paper that would just get covered up by the rest of the pizza. The crust, I did the exact same way. The strip is only about an inch wide, I used a light brown, almost tan colored paper, and then used a brown colored pencil to color over it lightly to add texture. And then the yellow for the cheese is just a big triangle that fits right into place. 
The pepperonis are special. They are what give the page a little dimension, even though I know you cant see it in the picture. The pepperonis are made out of foam. I like to buy the packs from the dollar store that come in assorted colors. I just cut out some circles and few semi-circles and glues them on. Then I matted my pictures on coordinating colors. The 'Pizza' I kind of cheated on. I found that word online and traced it because I thought it looked really cool. Then I just wrote 'Chicago Style.' This page was really easy and really quick, and i thought it turned out pretty good. :)

Hope you like it!

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