Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Christmas Cards

Every Thursday I get an email with a new scrapbook project from Sandi Genovese. This week her project was the adorable Christmas cards on The Scrapbook Showgram. It's free to subscribe to get an email of one of her new projects every week, so if you aren't already subscribed, you should!

I decided to make some of these cards. You could make them for any season really. Just change the theme and color schemes of the cards. Here are two that I made. I'll be making another one too, and I'll post the pictures when I finish it. I'm not going to put the step by step directions on here because you can go watch Sandi's video demonstration which will probably be easier and quicker to understand than my typed out directions. But here are my cards.

The first one it did I just recreated the one in the Scrapbook Showgram video with a few minor changes.
-Since this was my first attempt you can see i didn't get it very straight and the tree trunk doesn't line up perfectly.
-Instead of punching holes in the tree, I glued punched out holes on. First I punched paper with the smaller hole punch, then I went back and repunched over those holes with the standard size hole punch. Thats how you get the little holes in the middle.
-I also glued the trees down on the front too instead of leaving them loose for handles. I didn't glue on the right where the red strip inserts so that it can come free and allow the card to open. But it is attached on the left. This helped my card to stay closed better.
This is the inside. I added the yellow paper so that anything I wrote would show up better than it would on the green. And I used the Versamark stamp pad to add some Christmas stamps along the fold.

Here is the second card. Snowman!!
-The scarf is made of ribbon. It was a little thick so I glues the back side and folded it in half and held it until it dried.
-The eyes are googly eyes. :) It makes it more fun.
- Everything else is paper. I used a paper punch for the snow flakes. And a rubber stamp for the 'Happy Holidays'.
-I hate to draw attention to it in case you didn't see it, but that smudge on the snowman is ink that I got on my finger while stamping. I didn't know it was there until it was too late and I smudged my snowman :(.
Here is a picture of how I made the proportions for the snowman's body. I found three different circles that looked about right. Then I traced them and overlapped them some. Then cut it out and that is what I used for my pattern to make the snowmen I used on the card. Pretty simple.

And here is the inside. I used a rubber stamp and turquoise color that looked soft on the color of my paper and stamped randomly to create the design. The color isn't too dark so that when I write a message on it it won't blend in with the stamps.

One more card. This one features a present on the front. The ribbon ties together to help keep it closed and is easily untied. (I would have used all blue ribbon, but I ran out!! I even went to the store to see if I could find some more, but they didn't have it anymore. So I had to use another color.)
The purple stripes at the top is patterned packing tape that I found at Michael's in the dollar section. It's pretty cool. They have rolls with different colors and patterns. So I grabbed a few.
This is the inside, obviously. The words and dots are glitter glue that I also found at Michael's in the dollar section.

While the basic pattern of this card is not my own idea, but Sandi Genovese's, I still personally hand made these cards. So, on any card I make, I like to label it as my own. Not taking credit for the design per say, but for the physical card. I always label them 'Kelsey's Kards' on the back. This is how I chose to label them on these specific cards. Color coordinating of course. Ornaments!! I thought it was a rather festive idea. :)

(This one looks a little yellowy, but this is actually the present card and it's green paper)

Hope you liked them!!My friend requested a Penguin card, so if I'm able to make it, I'll post pictures later. It might be a bit more tricky, but I'll give a whirl.


  1. I love your cards! I wish I had a talent...

    New follower via Boost My Blog Friday :)
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  2. thanks. its easier than you think. if you can cut and measure and glue then you can do it. you should try it!