Monday, November 29, 2010

Shoreline Sightseeing Cruise

Since I've already posted a two page spread from my Chicago scrapbook pages, I decided to continue with that theme for this weeks post. Today's is only a one page spread.
One of the things we did in Chicago was take a Sight Seeing Sunset Cruise on Lake Michigan. It was about a 30 minute cruise on the lake at Sunset. It was really very beautiful. I had been hesitating to participate with my friends because the cost seemed a little high, but I'm so glad that I went and I know I would have later regretted missing out. Chicago is such a beautiful city.

So here is the page I made for my Cruise page.
As promised, I will tell you how I made my embellishments. There are 2 of the life saver rings on the page and one anchor. I'm sure you could find a package of embellishments somewhere, probably in a lifeguard themed sheet, to use. But if you are like me and don't have much money to spend on embellishments, and you enjoy making them yourself, then keep reading. They really are very simple to make, but none-the-less, I'll tell you. :)
I hope that by now you can see a couple of the ways in which my scrap booking is quite different from most peoples. One is that I hand make a lot of my embellishments. Not all, but at least half. I also put several smaller pictures per page as opposed to one or two big pictures. To me, a scrapbook is still a photo album, but made more interesting. The size I chose for my pictures is still large enough to clearly see the detail of the photo, but also small enough that I can fit several pictures per page. I have a lot of favorite photos from one event and I would hate to have to narrow it down to 2 or 3 pictures. So now I don't have to, and I can still keep it limited to a 1-2 page spread.

To make the life saver ring, I found something round that was the size I wanted. I cut it out of white card stock paper. I just hand cut the middle circle out, but if you want a precise circle in the middle, you can find the right size object to trace if you'd like. I then used a regular red marker to color the stripes, which I just free handed the distances and the width apart. Then I found some small string, cut a piece longer than I needed, and glue a small section onto the back of the circle behind the red stripes. I left a little extra string between each stripe so that it would be loose and bend out a little, as you can see in the picture. Then I glue down the end and snipped it off, and glued it to my page. It's that simple. Oh, and I use rubber cement, in case you were wondering. It holds just about everything.

The anchor was even simpler. I got come white card stock and free handed an anchor. I think I might have looked up a clip art image online to make sure i drew it correctly. You could trace something if you like. I then colored it in with a silver sharpie, which gives it a shine, out lined it in black, and cut it out. The end. It's that simple.

The paper I used for the page is from a photo stack, and it's a sunset. I thought it was appropriate for a sunset cruise. Oh, and I used my silver sharpie to write on the page because it showed up quite nicely and I thought that it matched rather well. I chose not to mat my pictures, because if i did, they would cover up more of the background image, and it might make it look too crowded. Since the back ground could be classified as a bit busy, the simplicity of the white edged pictures looks perfect to me.

You may notice, also, that I used my ticket from the cruise as an embellishment of sorts. I always collect tickets from everywhere I go if I can because they just add a bit of validity to my scrapbook pages. It makes it seem more real to me when I see something that was actually from the time that the event took place.

Hope you like it! Have a great week!

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