Saturday, January 11, 2014

Owl Always Love My Family

My sister gave me a set of 9 4x4 canvas blocks. So I had a new split canvas challenge. This is what I came up with, I hope you like it :)  I've really been wanting to do a painting with owls, so when I thought of this, I got really excited!  (P.S. hanging instructions further down.)

This is it with spaces in between each block, which is how it will be hung. It's just sitting on the floor right now.

This is it all pushed together just so you can see the painting a little better in case the pictures makes it hard to see.

This is my artistic photo :)

This shows how the edges of each block are painted a different color just to add to the whimsical look and feel of it. (Turquoise, dark purple, burnt red, saffron yellow, light green, burnt orange, light pink, light purple, aqua)

  • I didn't want to have to hang 9 individual canvases. 1. because then i have 9 holes in my wall. 2. it would take forever to get them all lined up. and 3. if i ever wanted to move them somewhere else, i have try to rehang 9 different canvases and try to get them all lines up.
  • SO, in order to avoid this, I used a strip of aluminum metal (not foil) and stabled it down the backs of each column. MAKE SURE EACH ROW IT SPACED EVENLY SO THEY WILL HANG LINED UP. 
  • The reason I used aluminum is because I first tried ribbon, which mostly worked, but then when you try to hang it, the bottom one tilts out too much, and I didn't like how it looked. So I needed something stiffer. So my dad had some aluminum strips he used for trim on the outside of our house. It worked perfectly.
  • Then we drilled holes in the top of the strips so we could hang them.

And here it is hung on the wall.

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