Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Necklace Holder

I've recently accquired several necklaces. I'm not much of a necklace wearer, or a jewelry wearer in general, so I don't have many. But I do have a handful, and I decided I needed a way to store them so that I could see them. If I can see them, I might wear them more often. And also, so that they don't get tangled. I found an idea on Pinterest, and I adapted it a bit.

The Pinterest idea was to take a hand towel bar, mount it to the wall, and then take 'S' shower hooks to hool on it, and have a necklace on each hook. I really liked the way this stored the necklaces. However, the 'S' hooks they had looked a little unsecured. They were fancy S's and they looked great, but to me it looked like it wouldn't take much to knock it off the bar. And then your necklace falls and get's tangled with itself, or if more than one falls they might get tangled together. Also, I didn't want to spend the money on a towel bar because I found that to get one that looked nice, prices started at $15 and just kept going up.

These were my supplies.

  • A 1-1/8" Poplar dowel rod cut to length, and stained.
  • A package of Shower Hooks, I chose a kind that has a deep curve so there's no chance for the necklace to fall off, and also that is a closed circle so the hook can't fall off the dowel rod.
  • A pair of wooden rod brackets (Size 1-3/8", so my dowel rod sits a little loose but it isn't bad.)
  • A pair of finials (Since I was limited on space for where I wanted to hang my necklace rod, I couldn't get ball finials, I needed something flat hat wouldn't take up too much space. So these are actually wooden toy wheels you can buy from Hobby Lobby and then I stained them.)
  • Not pictured, I needed a 1/4" dowel rod to make wooden pegs. (1/4" is the size of the hole in the wooden wheels)

Once everything was stained and cut to length, I drilled a 1/4" hole in the ends of my dowel rod, centered, obviously. I glued the peg made from the 1/4" dowel rod into the wheel so that it wouldn't come out. The peg should fit snuggly into the end of the big dowel rod, but still be removable. I did it like this because my shower hooks can't fit over the wheel, so if I ever need to add more shower hooks, or take some off, I can just remove one of the finials and slip them on/off and then replace the Finial.
But finials are needed to keep the rod from slipping off the brackets and spilling your necklaces!

I mounted my rod brackets, using a level to make sure the rod would be sitting straight. Then I put all my necklaces on hooks, doubling some over because they're so long, and I put them all on the rod. I left the hooks open because it would be rather troublesome to try to open a hook every time I wanted a necklace off, plus because I opted for the larger size rod, there isn't much extra room for squeezing the hook to make it close.
**If you use hooks similar to mine, be sure you put them on the right way with the opening facing OUT toward you and away from the wall, otherwise it makes getting necklaces off much more difficult!**
But anyway, here are some pictures. You can see how the finial comes off so that hooks can be added or removed. And I took some up close pictures so you can see the hooks are open and how the necklaces hang on them.
And yes, it's halfway hidden behind my lamp, but like I said, I limited on wall space. Also notice how my ceiling is angled? That makes for limited space too. But I made do.

So, it may not be as easily accessible as S hooks, but I know I don't have to worry about my necklaces falling off hooks, or my hooks falling off the rod. :)

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