Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel Map

I decided to track my travels. I've gotten to do a lot of sight seeing with my family around the country, and I've done a lot of camping. So I decided to buy a big wall map and pin all the places I've been.

What I used:
Bulletin Bord
Wall Map
Numbers Map Tacks/Pins
Tacky Glue (not Rubber cement, see why below)
Google Maps

What I Did:
Had my dad cut down a big piece of cork board to fit my map. Glued my map to it using Tacky Glue. Bought some numbered map tacks online in 4 different colors to categorize my trips. Bought a journal to record what each numbered pin referenced. Each entry includes location, year, who I went with, what we did there.

Here are some pictures!!
 I mounted my board with screws to my wall, so I had to mount the board before I glued the map on, otherwise the map would have two big old screws going through it. No thanks!

Rubber Cement vs Tacky Glue (craft glue)
Some people say Rubber Cement works good, but it didn't work for me because:
1) It dries too fast to cover a large area with glue before sticking the map down.
2) Since it dries too fast, you can only glue a section at a time, and trying to hold up one half of the map with adding glue for the 2nd half was really difficult, and the Rubber Cement didn't seem to be strong enough to hold the map until it was 100% dry.
So Tacky craft Glue that comes in the gold bottles works best because:
1) It stays wet long enough to glue the whole thing first,
2) It doesn't dry too fast in cast you need to re-position,
3) The cork doesn't soak it all up
4) Its sticky enough that the map will stay in place until it's 100% dry.

 YAY!! Map is on the board!!

Time to start pinning!!! These are the pins I used. I have 4 colors.
Each color comes in sets of 25. So I got 1-25 in all 4 colors (Blue, Yellow, Orange Green), and I got 26-50 in Green because that category has more than 25 locations to pin. 
(Not pictured is blue because I took this after I did my pinning, and I used all 25 of the blue)

PINS!!! (click pictures to enlarge)
Left: Western States
Center: Tennessee (home) and surrounding states
Right: North Eastern States

I used 4 colors of pins for 4 categories.
Blue: Family Road Trips
Yellow: Friend Road Trips
Orange: Mission Trips and Centrikid Locations
Green: Camp Grounds

 Final Product: Map with every trip (so far in my life that I could remember) pinned

Here is what my journal looks like:
The number by each place corresponds to the number on the pin.
This is the first page of each section. Most have a second page. And of course I left several blank pages in each one for future trips. :)

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