Thursday, August 9, 2012

CK1 Photo Collage

So I wanted a creative way to mkae a photo collage of my Centrikid team from this summer. So I decided I wanted to do the monogram collages. And since our team was CK1, I used those letters.... Well, actually I used CKI because there were no big wooden numbers, so I had to substitute.

Supplied you'll need:
Large craft letters (mine are wooden)
Paint (optional)
Pictures and scissors
Modpodge and brush

Step 1: Get your letters, and if you want, paint them. My letters came from Michaels, and I painted mine orange because that's the Centrikid color.

Step 2: Lay out your pictures how you want them. Some if mine I cut out all the way around the person, some I only hlafway cut out the person, and other's I didn't at all. I just depended on how I needed it to fit.

My process was to use tape to tape each picture down where I wanted it, not worrying about excess hanging off the edge of the letter. Then I flipped it over, traces the letter, and one picture at a time cut off the excess then taped it back into place, that way I didn't forget how i had it placed. Then once everything was trimmed I double checked to make sure it all looked good. I actually have to reprint a few of the pictures because I ended up moving them after i trimmed them. But no biggie. Once I was happy with the placement, I used modgepodge to glue them down.  So it looked like this.

Step 3: Modgepodge a top coat to seal down the pictures and get that protective film that modgepodge is so awesome for :). Make sure to let it dry completely. If you've never used modgepodge before, it might look like this, white and streaky, or even a little blueish from the ink of the pictures. But that's okay, once it's completely dry it will be clear :).

Sooo, this is what it looked like when I finished!! It turned out better than I expected because I was having a hard time getting the pictures placed right.

Here is a close up of each letter.

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