Monday, January 16, 2012

Video Producer

Well, I've finally completed another 2page spread for my Centrikid Album from my summer working camp in 2011. This is my VP page, or Video Producer, which is the position I held.

 full pg view

pg 1
sorry this one is sideways, but i dont feel like going and rotating it. so... you can still see it well enough

pg 2

This page is really very simple.
 The letters are from the Cricut Cart. George and Basic Shapes. I did the shadow letters, planning on putting the regular in another color on top of them, but i decided I liked the look of just the shadow letters. It gave it an artistic look.

The film strips are just negatives from some old pictures I had developed years ago, and I knew that I wouldn't ever need them. And they were just what I needed. :)

The orange DVD is one of the actual DVDs that I used from camp to make the camp DVDs that we sold to the churches.
The sticky note is one that I kept on my computer all summer as a reminder. It was something that everyone laughed at and made a comment about when they saw it, so I had decided to keep it. And of course, it adds something personal and sentimental to the page, so there it is.

 As you can probably tell, this is just purple marker on white paper mounted on purple paper.
P.S. in case you were wondering, this tip comes from my personal experience from week 2 of camp.


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