Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Go Vintage

So... I've been trying to think of something to scrapbook. And I went and visited The Paper Trail Makers Challenge Blog, and I saw that their new challenge was Vintage.  I thought I would give it a try, even though I really have no idea how to pull of vintage. And once I got started, it was even more difficult because I realized that since I don't really think in a vintage way, I had no embellishments really to go with 'vintage.' So I had to improvise a little. Anyway, as always, there is the finished product picture, and then some close ups with explanations. This is only a one page spread.

So, when I thought vintage, I thought, PhotoBooth!! I love photobooths, even though I have only ever done it once. And it didn't even come out in the vintage strips, it came out with a colorful frame and stuff. Which is cool. But I kinda wanted it in the old timey strips just for the vintage look. So I was having some fun with my pictures and made some photo booth strips. Each one features 4 of my favorite pictures of me and one of best friends. Brittany (who is actually my sister), Emily, Kimberly, and Talia.

I found some bead-trimmed ribbon once at the dollar store and got a couple different colors because I thought it would be cool to use on a page. This is actually the first time I've used it! So that is what that yellow ribbon with beads is. Typically it's used on a lamp shade or something.
The word 'friends' and 'smile' was cut using the Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartidge. I cut them out on white paper, and used stamp ink pads to color them. 'Friends' as well as the corner pieces at the top, which came from Story Book Cricut Cartridge, are a red color with a golden yellow color on top, resembling a faux finish texture. The 'smile' is light blue and a light turquoise, with a golden color on top for the same effect.

This is something I pieced together. The big swirly heart came from the Sweethearts Cricut Cartidge. And the little hearts came from Cricut Sampler Cartidge.. They had the word Love in the middle, but I cut it out because I needed only the heart. Then I glued them together over lapping, and used a sponge to paint it brown for a textured look.

There are also the two flowers that I didn't take a close up picture of. They were from the Serenade Cartidge, and I used the golden yellow stamp coloring on one of the layers for each to give it a little texture and help it look a little Vintage, and to soften the colors a little so they weren't too bold against everything else. Oh, and I popped them up with some foam squares on the back to add dimension.

And then I went back and used some yellow glitter glue to add some dots along the edges of the picture strips in various places just to give it a little something extra.

It's not totally vintage, but I did my best with what I have. And of course, being a broke college student, I can't afford to go out and buy a bunch of vintage stuff, especially since I probably won't use it much. Vintage isn't really my style. But I hope you like it. Leave some feed back if you want.

Kelsey S.


  1. Kelsey - that was such a great idea to use vintage photo strips! Thank you for joining Trailmakers for our Vintage challenge.