Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daddy's Little Helper

The challenge at The Paper Trail Makers Challenge blog this week is to use one of the 2 pictures they posted for inspiration. Mine has a little bit of inspiration from both. The colors, while not exactly the same, came from the first picture. The red really stood out to me, and so my page has a lot of red. I tried to make the red in the pictured stand out more by choosing embellishments and papers that complimented it.
 And then, in the second picture, the wall art is in a college formation. My pages usually have a grid like formation, or a very structured, uniform look. So I went for a college layout this time, using different size pictures.

About the layout:
My dad is an architect, and so he started building on to our house back in 1988, before I was even born. This page is a little collection of my older brother when he was about 2 1/2 years old, in 1990, 'helping' my dad while he was working on the house. He had gotten a little red plastic wheel barrow and shovel along with some other tools, so he liked to follow dad around and imitate him. As you'll see in the little quote I put on the page, he would do something like dad would have done it, then he would say, "That's how daddy do it." ... I know this because of video we have from the time.

Actually that is where these pictures came from. I couldn't find any pictures from then, or if we did have any, my mom would want them to do her own pages, so I recorded the video from the VHS to a DVR HDD harddrive thing, then burned it onto a DVD from the DVR, and then I put the DVD on my computer and took still shots of what I wanted. So the quality turned out pretty good considering where the pictures came from.

I've got six pictures, in 2 different sizes. And I went with a collage looking layout. I just sort of pieced them together.  The title letters came from Cuttin' Up Cricut Cartidge.

This is a close up of the wheel barrow and shovel, both of which came from the Freshly Picked Cricut Cartridge, cut out at 2". For the dirt, I took a piece of  brown scrap paper and wadded it up several times to get it wrinkly. I sort of rolled it over in half... basically folded it but didn't crease it so that it would keep it's dimension. Then cut a slit in the edge of it to tuck the tip of the shovel in so it looks like it's stuck in the dirt. Then glues it down. Simple as that.

This is a close up of the tape measure. I drew the cover of it onto yellow foam and cut it out. Then I had some yellow ribbon. If cut in half, it was a good width to match the size of the cover, but it was too small to write on. So I cut it in half at one end and cut at an angle to gradually make it bigger until it was full width so I could write on it. Then I made it have a little wrinkle in it so that it sort of looks like it's getting closer, that way the ribbon had a logical reason to be wider that it started out. lol.

Well, that's that for this page. Hope you like it. :)
-Kelsey S.


  1. I love how you used inspiration from both pictures! Thanks for playing with the TrailMakers!

  2. Great job, Kelsey! I love your take on our inspiration challenge here at Trailmakers!