Friday, January 21, 2011

Back To School

Since I'm behind... way behind... I'll put up two this week.
This page is in honor of school starting back. However, this is not a current page. This spread a couple years old.
I attend University of Memphis, and we have a Tiger Den, which is like our on campus food court. My freshman year, a few of my friends and I would hang out there about every other day and play games. That is what this page is about.
 This is the full view of the 2 page spread. Tiger print background, blue backed pictures, and embellishments on both pages, and the title that spreads across both pages.

I actually made the background pattern. I looked everywhere and couldn't find any tiger print paper that I liked. So since i had orange paper and black markers, i decided to make it myself. I looked up tiger print images on google, found one i liked, and did my best to imitate it and free handed it onto the paper with pencil. Once satisfied, I colored it in with black marker.

There were two main games we always played in the Tiger Den. This first is a card game called ERS, which stand for Egyptian Rat Screw, or as I call it, Egyptian Rat Slap. If you've never played it, go look up the rules and play it. Its a super awesome game testing speed and reflexes. I'm currently undefeated among my friends, and they won't even play with me anymore. So I guess I'll be reigning champion for a while.
The embellishments you see here are obviously modeled after playing cards, since that is what this game uses. I have a pack of travel size playing cards, which is the size I used for these. I traced the card to get the right size and then I used marker to color in the numbers, suits, and the Jack. Actually, since I used copy paper, I was able to see through enough to trace the jack so that I didn't have to free hand it, otherwise it would have looked totally jacked... pun intended :). I only made 4 cards, and I specifically chose the numbers so that the cards followed the rules of the game. Also, it represents an inside joke because very often we would always turn up a 4 after a Jack. This was funny not only because it reoccurred constantly, but because we also slapped on 4's, so it was like a double loss if you didn't get this slap, especially if you were the one who turned up the Jack... if you know how to play that will make sense... I hope.
The other game we play is Bananagrams. A couple years ago I didn't know anyone else who knew of this game or owned this game except my friend Talia. It has grown in popularity fast and now there are many people who know about it. If you don't, it's a really fun speedy word game resembling scrabble, and you should definitely check it out.
 For obvious reasons, this set of embellishments are made to resemble the letter tiles in the game. I simply cut a square of paper and wrote the letters, simple as ABC... pun intended :).

As far as using blue as the backing for the pictures and in the title, that was a decision based on school colors, which are blue and gray/white. The title I simply drew block letters and colored it in, cut out around it and glued it down.

This page was really simple too, as most of my pages are. It was a little time consuming to color in all the stripes, but I think it was worth it.

Unfortunately, I'm sad to say that I rarely ever go in the Tiger Den anymore. Our new University Center (UC) has opened and it's location is a lot more convenient in relation to my classes than the Tiger Den... Plus the UC has a Burger King Whopper Bar... so... bonus. Although the Tiger Den does have the Chick-Fil-A going for it, so I do occasionally make a special trip that way for Chick-Fil-A. But the new hangout spot is definitely the UC.

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