Monday, November 11, 2013

Centrikid - What It Looks Like

A few blog posts ago I shared a little about what my two summers at Centrikid were like. I shared a few staff videos and OMC Cheer videos. But I wanted to share some videos with you that are more focused on the kids than the staff. So here they are, some of my videos that made as a Video Producer at Centrikid.

There are 3 Flashbacks, and an EOW that sums up the whole week. If you only want to watch one, I suggest the EOW, even though it's little longer, it's the most comprehensive.
These videos are official Centrikid Camps property.

EOW - Reg, Rec, Track Times, Worship, and OMC all rolled into one!

Flashback 1 - Reg Day! Kids arrive and get registered for camp!

Flashback 2 - Featuring Recreation

Flashback 3 - Featuring Track Times and Party
(I couldn't decide between the 2 because they both have different tracks in them)

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