Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going Places

Hey guys! So the other day, I had a craft night with some of my friends, and we all just hung out and worked on our own little projects. Well, I have 3 different scrapbooks right now holding all of my pages, and I had decided to organize them So one if for pages from school events or things that happened at school, one is for traveling and trips/vacations that I've been on, and one if for all the other events that don't fall under one of those categories.

So on the front of the travel book, there is a slip for a photo. So I've been meaning to make something to put in there to help label it as a travel scrapbook.
Sugar Sweet Paper Treats March Challenge just happened to work perfectly for this particular craft, which made making it all the more enjoyable. Because I don't make something FOR the challenge, I only enter a challenge if I already have something I'm making that meets the requirements. I can't afford all the materials to make something specifically for the challenges all the time.

So in this challenge, the only requirement was that I use a Cricut cartridge that I've never used before. And so I did. I used the Going Places cartridge, which was perfect for a little travel... thing... I don't really know what it's called... any way, so here it is!

The coloring is a little off. My camera was acting up for some reason and wouldn't take a good picture. But anyway, it's still pretty close. I think it turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself.

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